Each of us plays a role in building a community that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive. NCBI aims to help individuals and communities develop the skills and confidence to respond to prejudice, conflict, and violence. We provide public training opportunities throughout the year and partner on community events like the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.  Since 1998, thousands of community members have participated in an NCBI event outside of their school or workplace.

NCBI also helps facilitate community conversations around devisive issues. Recent examples include leading the three-month process involving more than 200 people in the controversial issue of siting a new location for the city’s emergency homeless shelter, and facilitating the UMatter forum on Sexual Assault for The University of Montana.

Would you like to host a workshop?
Neighborhood groups, faith communities, and other community groups are welcome to host a workshop for your membership and the community at large. Email us for more information.