Montana GSA Network

Due to NCBI’s increased presence and recognition for empowering LGBTQ youth, in 2012 NCBI was designated the Montana statewide coordinator for the National Association of GSA Networks and we officially launched the Montana GSA Network.   The Montana GSA Network supports organizations and individuals throughout the state who are working with, or interested in working with LGBTQ youth by creating collaborative partnerships across the state, providing tailored leadership development for youth and supportive educator allies, and sharing best practices and policies for making welcoming and inclusive schools for all.  

GSAs provide a safe space for students to provide support and educate their peers on overcoming the misinformation that exists about LGBTQ youth. They also provide a safe space for students to learn the skills to combat bullying and harassment and interrupt homophobia and transphobia in their schools creating a more inclusive and welcoming school for all students.


*GSA has traditionally been used to represent Gay-Straight Alliance but many of our clubs use the acronym to stand for Gender and Sexuality Alliance in recognition of the great diversity and fluidity of gender identity and sexual orientation that exist within their groups.  In addition, there are groups that identity as TSA or Two-Spirit Alliances.  To learn more about Two-Spirit culture and history check out the Montana Two-Spirit Society.  

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